Saturday, February 21, 2009



jcfallat said...

these are so very pretty. i think that i am partial to the second one. i'm seeing this as a very beautiful hair piece (not a toupee) possibly incorporating one or some peacock feathers (or not) . and maybe some of that wrapped wire and beads could extend into long-ish tendril-y types of things? what do you think about that idea? thank you so much for doing this and i do plan on compensation, for sure! Now these things:

***aqua, white, and gold is an excellent color combination!!!

***congrats on your big test score! you rock.

***i went to jennifer and simon's son tate's welcoming party yesterday and saw bowen and zoe! camp! yay!


jcfallat said...
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kristen kendrick. said...

very pretty. my wishlist post today is dedicated to you.